The challenge of staff retention in Mid Sized Businesses.

The challenge of staff retention in Mid Size Businesses.

 10 Jul 2019

Retention of staff is something every business experiences issues with at some point regardless of the strength of their brand, size & industry! For MSB’s those more successful in keeping their workforce for longer it can be related back to to the effort put in to retain their employees so retention becomes the strategy, rather than the outcome.


So what is critical to retain top talent?


As a business knowing what you need from a potential employee, how they would deliver their role & add value & how you can support them where needed are critical. If they are able to understand what is required of them, you can guide & develop them effectively whilst keeping them engaged.


First impressions are lasting impressions so making sure that there is a clear brand, a quality recruitment process & on boarding to the business that reflects the MSB, whilst being quick, slick & informative.


Culture, values and clear direction through communication will help employees feel engaged, provide them with a voice about what they think & what is important to them so the know what is expected & will want to go on the journey with you.


Inspire through showing them what is important to you, both as an individual and as a leader – this will help you quickly gain respect & loyalty!


You don’t build a business;

your job is to develop individuals who in turn will build your business.


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