Lack of diversity within mid-sized business leadership teams.

Lack of diversity most pronounced within Mid-sized Business leadership teams

 2 Jul 2019

Diversity within leadership teams was another hot topic at our MSBLeaders event last week.  

As revealed in the UK-wide study ‘A lack of age, gender and ethnicity diversity continues to shape perspectives and be a major disadvantage with the majority of MSBs confirming few female board directors and little diversity of perspective’ 

We are inundated with research telling us that diversity at senior level has a direct and significant impact on profit. Driving this profit growth seems to be the ability of diverse teams to innovate more successfully and spot risk better and faster.  Alongside that, diverse leadership teams can act as role models giving enterprises a wider talent pool to select from as a broader range of candidates can envisage themselves being successful within the company.  

If diversity within leadership teams is an area of focus for you, come and talk to us about practical steps to actually break the cycle. There are a number of things MSBs can do to challenge themselves to effect change within their own ranks.  Consider these for a start...

1. If your senior team is relatively settled, could you bring in a Non-Exec or fixed-term Advisor with different perspectives and a different skillset? 

2. Do you have a robust and objective recruitment process which utilises recruitment data science to ensure that your unconscious bias isn’t leading you to make an intuitive decision replicating what you already have in situ? 

3. Are you genuinely open to recruiting those from a different sector or different background who still have the required situational skillset but might see things from a different angle.  

4. Are you working with a recruitment partner committed to, and experienced in, bringing you a diverse shortlist?  Do you insist on this throughout the organisation? 

5. Are you confusing experience and expertise? Directors of MSBs are the most experienced in terms of years served compared with both large and small enterprises.  Contrast that with expertise which is what is really vital to driving growth and expansion - and in the changing workplace, this may be demonstrated by someone younger.  

6. If you are using adverts to attract talent, have you put the wording through one of the bespoke tools like Textio to check if your language is inadvertently putting off some groups of candidates from applying? 

Joanne McTiffin

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