Are you a leader of one the 29,730 Mid-sized Businesses in the UK?

Are you a leader of one the 29,730 Mid-sized Businesses in the UK?

 24 May 2019

(classified as around £10m-£149 Turnover and/or about 50-499 employees)


Did you know that the UK’s largest and unprecedented study of Mid-sized Businesses (MSBs) ‘Hiding in the Light’ has been released?


Here is an Invitation to attend a full briefing from co-author Sarah McKenna exploring the 9 most important areas and 27 key recommendations


Despite being highly successful and having the potential to drive substantial growth in the economy…

  • MSBs create more jobs

        Between 2016-17, MSBs created more jobs in the UK than both small and large companies combined.

  • MSBs outstrip everyone in terms of productivity

        They are now Britain’s most productive segment – ahead of both small         and large companies

  • MSBs innovate more

        A higher proportion are innovating and getting greater percentage of revenues from innovation

But MSBs are ‘Hiding in the Light’, undervalued and often unrecognised (compare with the Mittelstandt in Germany).  They face particular challenges – too big to benefit from incentives aimed at small businesses and too small to grab attention from FTE companies…

  • Deterred by finance and financial service frustrations
  • Face skills and talent shortages are holding them back
  • Have Directors who are more experienced but lack diversity

Come and hear the full findings and join other MSB Leaders exploring the challenges and opportunities.



Insights for Mid-sized Businesses


Joint event hosted by EY and Tindall Perry Partnership

8.00am – 10.00am, Tuesday 18 June 2019

EY offices – 2, St Peters Square,
Manchester M2 3DF


We are pleased to invite you to our breakfast briefing on Tuesday 18 June, when we will discuss findings from the recent Medium- sized Business (MSB) Leaders study ‘Hiding in the Light’.


The session will be led by MSB Leaders Founder & Chair, Sarah McKenna who compiled the report alongside Salford Business School.


Sarah will discuss the findings, including the highest priorities and most significant challenges facing MSBs, and how leaders can respond. The session is a chance to:


  • Benchmark your thoughts against the top priorities as revealed by the UKs MSB Leaders
  • Hear about the significant risks and potential pitfalls currently facing MSBs
  • Discover the views of industry experts revealing how to improve performance and maximise growth
  • Understand where to go for support and from where assistance is available


Please join us for this fascinating and practical session.








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