Why CX applies equally to Recruitment processes

Why CX applies equally to Recruitment processes

 1 Jul 2018

From where I’m sitting, I’m not sure most companies have REALLY thought about how they are presenting their brand during the recruitment process? 

About what the ‘CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE’ is really like?


Just as your marketeers and your CX team are working really hard to promote your products and your brand to increase revenue, you’re effectively doing the same thing – promoting your organisation and your brand to attract new starters into your business.  But more than that, it’s a tough marketplace as you don’t want to attract just anyone, you want talented, game-changing candidates – the ones that everyone else is searching and chasing.

It’s 3 years since a Forbes article proclaimed that “Customer Experience Is The Future Of Marketing.” The author proclaimed that “Customers equate brands with experiences. From customer service to the digital journey to retail ambiance, our association with a brand is based on how it makes us feel.”

How, therefore, do your candidates feel as they pass through your recruitment process?  What image of you and your brand have you created in their mind?  What is their ‘customer experience’? So, by the end of your process, will the candidate you really want to attract, potentially turn down other competing offers to come to you

But your version of CX is not related solely to your chosen candidate’s experiences and whether they accept or not, it’s applicable to ALL the candidates who touched your process – those that replied to an advert, those that were approached, came to a first interview, completed a psychometric assessment or made it through to the final stages. 

In the EARLY STAGES, was there a thorough briefing, were timescales set (and later met) and were expectations communicated around preparations, process and response times?

During the INTERVIEW stages, did you talk passionately about your business?  Did you leave all the candidates with a positive and exciting impression?

And POST-INTERVIEW and at OFFER STAGE, did you ensure prompt, constructive and insightful feedback - ideally within 24 hours of a meeting?  And for the chosen candidate, for whom an offer was made, was it similarly prompt and did it match expectations?

Everyone involved in the process formed an opinion from their experiences, and will (probably) talk about you and your brand and spread their views and feelings about your business.

And that’s why ALL the candidates matter – the stars and the slightly less impressive candidates you rejected quite quickly - in equal measure.  That’s because their best friend, colleague or occasional acquaintance they chat to at the gym or in the pub may be the game-changing candidate that would be perfect for your business….


Tindall Perry prides itself on advising their clients on the best processes, running professional and effective search campaigns to attract exceptional talent. 


Joanne McTiffin

Associate Director – Tindall Perry Insights


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