Thinking of looking for a new job in 2019?

Thinking of looking for a new job in 2019?

 23 Jan 2019

The New Year is a common time for many of us to resolve to make a change in our work situation.  Here are some key tips to make it a successful and fruitful search…


All headhunters and in-house recruitment teams look at LinkedIn – all the time!

It is effectively your online CV so does yours represent you well?

  • Is it up to date, does it include a summary of your current role as well as your previous roles?
  • Do you have a professional photo of yourself, rather than one of you taken at last year’s office party holding a glass of something alcoholic with a glint in your eye?!
  • Do you have a wide range of connections demonstrating a good network and do you have any personal recommendations, have you endorsed others?
  • Have you published any articles showing your skills and passion, curated interesting content or commented insightfully on the content published by others?



‘EgoSurfing – the practice of searching for one’s own name in a popular search engine’

Research shows that at least 1 in 10 Gen Z’ers Google themselves every single day…. but when you are about to job search this is a key activity to find out what a recruiter is going to see of you.Many employers now use one of the new breed of digital footprint and social media summary reports such as you know what is written about you?

  • Are your personal social media accounts set to private? 
  • Does your Twitter feed include any of your personal views that perhaps shouldn’t be widely visible?

You may not always be able to amend and alter your digital footprint but do what you can to tidy it up and at least be prepared to tackle head on any less than ideal content.


Take time early on to reflect and crystallise why you are looking for a move, what kind of organisation you are looking to join and what role and responsibilities you want to develop and why.Think about the culture and environment you believe you thrive best in and be really clear about what skills and attributes you bring, what you have to offer and why you would be an asset.

Find yourself a good headhunter who operates within your marketplace, preferably through recommendation. Contact them for an initial exploratory conversation.This will enable you to test your aspirations, get candid feedback and advice as well as learn about the level of current job activity and benchmark your salary expectations. Any active headhunter worth their salt will be very happy to spend time with you offering advice and sharing their knowledge and experience.


If you haven’t applied for a new role externally for some time, you’ll need to do more than just add your most recent role(s) to your CV. If you haven’t rewritten your CV for a while, there may well be repetitive explanations of your key responsibilities and achievements during your very early career.Now is the time to summarise and whatever the current in vogue thinking about the ideal length of a CV, it definitely isn’t 5 pages of similar stories.We typically recommend 2-3 pages for Director level candidates, no more.

Don’t look outdated like a dinosaur, show yourself as current and appreciative of the legislation around recent changes to promote diversity and inclusion.Don’t include your age or date of birth, your marital status or your place of birth and a photograph is definitely not required – unless you are applying for a modelling job!You will need to include your name, contact details (mobile number and email address) and home location.


If you have made the decision to embark on a job search don’t disengage from your current environment.You may mentally and emotionally be focused on your exit strategy but you still need to do your day job to the best of your ability.The business world in the regions is a small place and you never know who you might bump into again so don’t sacrifice your reputation by leaving on a slightly sour note.



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