The recruitment process needs both tech and a human touch – how can they best combine?

Recruitment needs both tech and a human touch – how can they best combine?

 1 Nov 2018

Technology and AI brings a number of key benefits to the recruitment process – we tend to think of it as saving us time (and money) and about automating process.  But more crucially it can give us real insight, leading us to assess candidates more effectively and make better decisions ultimately impacting on the success and profitability of an organisation.   The beneficial by-product is an enhanced and more positive recruitment experience and a candidate more engaged with your brand.

Most businesses now have tech embedded somewhere in their hiring process.  Do you?


As humans we are of course wonderful, sophisticated operators – but that’s also our problem.   We are great at building relationships and making connections, using our intuition and bringing our own personal touches.  But we overvalue our skills and judgement and, actually, we are not very good at making objective decisions without incorporating our own unconscious bias and individual opinions.

So, here are 2 of the most easily accessible and beneficial tech solutions available now…

Video Interviewing

You may initially think that algorithmically enhanced video systems conducting first interviews is an absolute turn off for candidates – but you’d be wrong.  Candidate feedback is overwhelmingly positive – with no diary challenges, the candidate is able to answer the set questions at the place and time of their choosing using just their ‘phone or PC and is left with a feeling that they are part of a fair and equitable assessment that judges candidates objectively.  And it definitely does that, driving consistency through analytics and reporting.  The ‘interviewer’ can see a reported overview of how they are rating candidates, what their patterns and potential unconscious bias are, breaking down reasons for rejection and reporting to raise awareness and ensure objectivity.

As the ‘interviewer’ you are able to review the videos back when it’s convenient, replay if you like and watch them one after the other saving you considerable time both in terms of scheduling and reviewing.

There are many options available for businesses of all sizes – HireVue, SparkHire and LaunchPad to name just a few. 

Game-based Psychometric Assessments

Candidates always bring their ‘best face’ to the recruitment process, naturally.  Traditional psychometric testing, which asks a series of questions, relies on accurate self-awareness and honesty.  The new breed of innovative assessments instead uses big data analytics and machine learning.   They take candidates through a series of immersive ‘games’ as part of a process capturing up to 10,000 data points of their real life behaviours to reveal hard-to-assess skills and provide a more objective, data-driven and meaningful profile. 

Such profiles provide a fantastic tool for us trying to gain real insight into a candidate’s strengths, thinking style and aptitude.  However skilled a recruiter is, a very well prepared and rehearsed candidate with good interpersonal skills will always be hard to assess – and that’s why unstructured interviews are a repeatedly poor indicator of future job performance. 


But project ‘human factor elimination’ is not quite ready to go just yet.  Rather than technology replacing the need for humans it will instead enhance their role.

Yes, tech can create a more objective decision-making process and promote diversity by mitigating unconscious bias.  Certainly it can also free up time to focus on more valuable aspects of the process.  But recruitment is ultimately a people business - understanding the culture of an organisation, capturing the traits essential for success in the role and similarly really understanding the candidate on a personal level, their aspirations and role preferences are all essential aspects the human brings to the process.

Communication is paramount for candidates in a recruitment process. Keeping them informed and updated, discussing their concerns, reservations and answering their questions will ultimately prevent them feeling unsatisfied or becoming disengaged. 

And the final decision ….who you make an offer to, who you’d like to add to your team or who you’d like to run your business is a very personal one and not one we are likely to hand over to a bot anytime soon!

Joanne McTiffin

Tindall Perry Insights

If you’d like to know more about how we can add game-based psychometric assessments into your recruitment process to give you additional insight and objectivity – then please get in touch



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