Joanne McTiffin

Associate Director – Non-Executive Search and Tindall Perry Insights

Joanne leads both our Chair and Non-Executive Search as well as Tindall Perry Insights.  She is uniquely placed within the recruitment industry to add her diversity and inclusion expertise into the process of building Boards.

She works with a range of different organisations to help them;

  • Create diverse, high-performing Boards and leadership teams
  • Improve the level of insight and effectiveness of their talent selection
  • Uncover and challenge unconscious bias and promote diversity of talent

Within Tindall Perry Executive and Tindall Perry Finance, she is responsible for delivering our game-based psychometric assessment. This adds objective data and meaningful, job relevant insights into our processes enhancing our ability to deliver the right matches for our Clients.

With a background in Leadership Training and Development Joanne has had a varied career.  She has held leadership positions at Pepsi/Walkers and Rank Hovis, has designed and run training courses for organisations of all sizes, from PLC to family-owned, and has recruited up to Director level into Finance and Consultancy roles.

07900 972046